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  1. Ooooh those boys are in some trouble~

    Also I love your depictions of Blaine in cat form, he’s always so adorably fierce and funny!


  2. i just binge read from the beginning now to add this to my list of webcomics that are being updated…. Thanks to Khalgast on instagram for pointing me in this direction !!


  3. When are you going to actually continue your comic instead of posting random shit?
    Like I was actually enjoying it and you haven’t touched it in fucking 4 months.

    What are you doing? Seriously?


  4. I just read all of this, gotta say, absolutely love it.
    i love the art style, i love the adorable innocent idiot Dr, i love snarky blaine, and i loved the animatic with Lone Digger it was perfect.
    definitely looking forward to more of this!


  5. Glad to say postmortem injuries are restored just fine! I was afraid of him falling apart, or using his vocal cords to the point of his voice becoming a gurgle, or the eventual deflation of his eyeballs… it’s real interesting how the pink comes right back. For how little he’d taken from the vial, I was wondering how that could work as his blood. Body lost, blood lost; but now I guess ‘blood’ and body are one, or, something. It’s not like he can have *real* blood. Unless the venom sort of, bonded with whatever blood the dude had left in his body?
    I have this silly theory that the venom bonds with that which it’s used on, and begins a restoration process on it after doing so. Healing in this case means restoring the body to it’s optimal condition, which would include restoring lost cells and bringing back the soul (because vegetables are not optimal in mind). The venom could also reverse the state of the body after bonding which would return it to a state of health before any point of no return (which would include the point of receiving sickness if the body could apparently not take it within the first round). Either way, the problem would be the whole bonding thing. I don’t know about souls, but I’m pretty sure in most depictions, you don’t move onto the afterlife looking like a decaying zombie, so I’m going to assume the soul understands the meaning of ‘optimal health.’ Using the soul as a blueprint, the venom restores the body (which is pretty ironic). So, maybe, with our dear Jeremoth’s soul still within his body, the venom bonded to both his soul and his body, unfortunately changing the integrity of Jeremoth’s soul to mirror that of his current bodily state (terrible) and leaving him in a paradoxical state where he’s at ‘optimal health’ but constantly needs healing- therefore the venom never finishes it’s job and never goes away. And the reason he’s so hungry? Because he’s always healing! But why is he eating living stuff, what the heckleberry pie. Maybe his soul is as incomplete as his body and it’s all, nom nom fill me up.
    (Also, wouldn’t it be silly if killing the soul in heaven brings it back down to Earth.)
    I bet looking into Haitian Vodou would help create better accurate theories. :3


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