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  1. Hrmmm… okay maybe I wasn’t at the end of the archive yet…. and I think my last comment got eaten… HUuuuu…

    If you did get the last one and I repeat myself I’ll apologize now!

    With the addition of these new panels, I find myself reassessing something from the flashback with the voodoo priestess… I thought there was more than one reaper, and the one in Haiti was different than this current one. I’m curious now whether that was all a ruse to get him to give over his soul to be “at peace” rather than a zombie….

    Anyway…. Great use of colors, values, the backgrounds and foregrounds are amazing. I thought the more cartoony style was going to detract from the story, but it really has enhanced it in a way I can’t describe.

    Really good work! 🙂

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    • I will actually confirm that there are more than 1 reaper/demons lurking in this comic. Yes, the one in the flashback was a different reaper, and it has different motives than the one who came to reap his soul…but I can’t say any more than that 🙂


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