Website under construction!

I am currently working out how to archive all the old panels, but still have them here for people to read and see when they want, while getting prepped for the new updated version of the comic. Please bear with me! (you have for this long LOL)


No, not a comic page update but and update to why I haven’t actually updated in a while. I’m currently rewriting the ENTIRE story and plot of Living When Dead. And on top of that, I’ll also be starting to redo what’s been published already to for the new story. But, unfortunately, life happens and kinda pushed that back. I’m starting a new job after been forced from another one and lots of other things piled on. But I’m certain that once I can get settled in the new job, finish the freelance and commissions currently, I can start working on redoing the comic and making it MUCH BETTER! I’ll keep posting art of the monster boys on my Twitter and instagram. But hopefully that clears some things up. Thank you for reading my silly comic and I look forward to making it better for you!🥰