(Except the language part, I’m not putting much of that in there and I censor most of it)

Themes include:

  • Blood
  • Gore
  • Intense violence
  • Death
  • Smoking (cigarettes) 

Living When Dead is about zombies and monsters, so naturally, there will be gore, and blood, and violence involved. 
So be warned before you read any further because the comic is about to take a nasty turn and you might not want to continue reading if blood and guts aren’t your thing. If you have any inquires, questions, suggestions, please feel free to send me a message on my tumblr, Twitter, or DeviantArt. 

And please, no hate towards the comic or its readers. We just want everyone to get along 🙂

Thank you for reading and supporting the comment also!! I hope you all will keep enjoying it!

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